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Circle C Seeds, located in Gary, Minnesota, began processing and marketing beans.

J&J Corporation, Inc. (Jade In) began working with Circle C Seeds in Gary, exporting soybeans and small grains domestically and internationally.

J&J Corporation, Inc. took over Circle C Seeds, naming it Soyko International, Inc.  Soyko International focused on producing and exporting Non-GMO and organic soybeans and small grains.

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Soyko International has expanded its facility and continues to work with many different companies, shipping grain varieties all over the world.



We understand that the success of our company comes from providing our customers with honest, secure, high-quality and reliable products. 

About Jade In

Jade was born in Korea where her family owned their own farm with a variety of different harvests. She eventually moved to the U.S. to further her education in science. Jade has a BS in Biological Science from the University of Denver in Colorado. She continued to study the sciences, studying Biochemistry and Laboratory Experiment Training at Colorado Science Center.


With her passion for business management and experience in the sciences, she started her own business in the grain industry. With her background, Jade was able to develop her own soybean varieties and grew this company to where it is now.

History - Jade
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