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Current Growers:​

If you are already farming for us, we appreciate your business! Remember, if you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US

Don't forget about the yearly meeting for all growers held here at Soyko International in Gary, MN. It is usually held toward the end of each year, and will be updated on our website HERE when it comes closer to the time. We will invite many professionals to educate on topics such as weed control, grain pricing, and crop insurance.

If you have recently moved or changed your contact information, please inform us of the change so that we can keep an updated record on file. We use this record to mail you important information, including any important updates that Soyko has.

Again, we appreciate your partnership with us!

New Potential Growers:

If you are interested in growing for us, please feel free to CONTACT US. We will only allow for Non-GMO grains. We handle both conventional and organic products. With our partnerships overseas, our grain varieties are in high demand.  We will have a variety of different grains to grow each year. 

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